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Remove the acrylic box small way to glue smell

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-11
Acrylic box are typically made from a special acrylic adhesive glue, basically have to smell, want to get rid of the smell of glue, teach you a few simple to glue smell method: 1, placed ventilated place, if there is a cover of the product can open the lid, blowing ventilation 2 - in ventilated place 3 days can be removed. 2, clean with clear water or detergent water, avoid deformation or yellowing, acrylic box, not with other cleaning water. 3, use of pomelo peel divide peculiar smell, at the time of ventilation can be 3 - Four slices of pomelo peel into acrylic inside the box, it can also remove the glue.
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