Shandong wooden gift box factory always say what's it like in folding box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-11
Shandong folding box wooden gift box factory always say what's it like in shandong wooden gift box manufacturers specializing in the production of various styles of wooden gift box, packing box and folding box, packaging good-looking appearance, grade can to a certain extent, improve the gift gift of taste and taste, has the very vital significance. So what is the folding box will look like. Folding box as the name suggests is a kind of can be folded box, in the process of transportation is flat shape is one box. Folding box when transport storage is convenient and do not take a place, there are two kinds of packaging printing plant commonly. A paper folding box, cardboard or pit is good beer after through manual folding into a box. Will make effect with grey board box close to, but the price is much cheaper than grey board boxes. And packaging printing plant said another folding box is a kind of grey board, but it is on the basis of original increased special folding structure. Make grey board box through a simple fold fold flat, the box can save a lot of space to transport costs, but because the manual is bigger so difficult cost is more expensive than grey board boxes. The advantage of the grey board but folding box is big also, not only shrink freely look nice and can be used repeatedly. Many do with cortical surface paper folding box can be used for a long time, not bad, received a lot of premium brand. Two kinds of folding carton packaging printing prices vary considerably, but there are some of the same features, you can go to choose according to their own requirements. See the above introduction did not know you like is what kind of? You might as well from the cost of packaging printing, usability, own needs to choose. If you want to learn more about the introduction of folding box can consulting packaging printing, custom box if necessary please contact jinan heng printing packaging co. , LTD
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