shiny blue boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-10
The blue cardboard box is unlikely to be a tradition for the woveninto family.
I never thought that when I bought three boxes of all sizes almost 20 years ago, they became fixtures for our celebration.
For philosophical and practical reasons, they entered our family life.
Reusable gift boxes are less wasteful than wrapping paper, better for the environment, and we have saved a couple of dollars in the past few years.
At that time, our budget was also very tight, and it was easy to reuse gift boxes in our wallets.
One advantage I didn\'t expect was how simple it would be if the packaging wasn\'t forgotten until the last moment, hiding the gift in a shiny blue box, every member of my family took advantage of the blue speed. gift-box-wrapping. “Mum, Mum!
I don\'t have a gift yet.
Can I use a box? Quick!
\"So, the birthday after the birthday, the day of the mother and father, one or more of our three shiny blue cartons came out.
They even make occasional appearances on Christmas Day.
They are a little busy now.
Others who saw us dragging these crumpled boxes out must have thought we were cheap.
They have dents on the sides, the edges are a bit worn out, and the folds on the lid begin to pull apart.
But a long time ago, saving money was no longer a problem.
Of course, not all of the gifts fit into our blue box, so we also use other packages.
Gift bags come and go but they never stay for a long time.
Maybe they get used to other people\'s gifts, or accidentally get thrown away, or disappear into Ethernet because they are very jealous of the status of the blue carton.
Because they are in a high position now.
The children have grown up and left home, but the blue cartons still resonate with the celebrations.
No one knows when these boxes have changed from practical to traditional.
It was not expressed until a big family member made a comment on his birthday.
\"Are you still using those old boxes?
My son replied, \"of course. It’s tradition.
We realize this is the case.
Perhaps some of the best traditions happen by chance.
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