Small wooden cigar box of knowledge

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-10
First of all need to prepare a cedar wood cigar heat preservation box, take out this week ready to smoke a cigar, in a cigar heat preservation box, under the room temperature environment that they wake up. Wooden cigar and wine, need a time awake in tomato, make it adapt to you to give it the preservation of the environment. Cigars product environment, try to avoid too high temperature, humidity and don't too high, otherwise you will feel the whole cigar is more bitter. Cigar out of heat preservation box, cigar scissors kacha, lit with a match or cedar wood, don't use the lighter lit, otherwise it will affect the taste of cigars. Goods don't let the product in the process of absorption water get in tomato head is too wet, otherwise the tar easy accumulation let taste bitter, don't be too fast or frequent suction, that will also because of high temperature hot mouth, tar also easy to pile up. Is as far as possible on the premise of guarantee the quantity of smoke, uniform small mouth slowly suck, suction when rotating cigar evenness of combustion. So everyone is focus on the state of the ash, soot cigars, status is not too good; But ash layered homogeneous, burning evenly cigar is not to say that must have enough fragrance. So, if one is a little wet, but humidity uniform cigars, smokers smoke in tomato habit is good, shows smoke will level is also good, so that to cigar aroma can be played out.
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