Some matters needing attention of wooden gift box on select material?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Wooden gift box of the main function is to protect the product, so should have a certain strength, toughness and elasticity, etc. , to adapt to the pressure, shock, vibration, static and dynamic factors. Manufacturers in the production, so it is important to note that on select material made under the tip. 1, every performance according to the different requirements for product packaging, wooden gift box packaging materials chosen, dealing with water, steam, gas, light, fragrant air, bad breath, heat block. 2, good economic performance, wooden gift box packaging materials should be adopted by the sources, conveniently, low cost, packaging materials and packaging containers after use should be easy to handle, do not pollute the environment, so as not to cause pollution. 3, good performance, wooden gift box using the toxicity of packaging material itself is smaller, so as to avoid pollution products and affects human health; Packaging material should be no corrosive and insect-resistant, moth-proofing, rat, inhibit microbes, such as performance, in order to protect the products. 4, appropriate use of wooden gift box packaging material is related to the cost and the performance of the product transportation with the proper packaging materials to packaging products can be a large amount of cost savings, also can make the product with a lower cost of protection. To sum up, the above is the small make up to division I design are summarized in wooden gift boxes on select material, pay attention to the details for packaging design.
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