Students design Qinhuai snack packaging box

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Yesterday, Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Property Exchange issued free copyright registration certificates for 121 award-winning works of the 'Nanjing First Packaging Box Creative Design Competition'. A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News found that many works were created by college students, such as the Qinhuai snack packaging box, the 'Laiyideer' Jinling Lao Sauce, the paper wine packaging box, lip gloss packaging, milk packaging, shoe boxes, etc., which contained whimsical ideas. The winning works will be exhibited today and tomorrow, and interested readers can visit Diaoyutai No.38 for free.
The author of 'Laiyideer' Jinling Laojiang is Wu Peiyuan from Sanjiang College and other three students. The inspiration for the creation is that they all love to eat sauce. Wu Peiyuan said that the name is derived from the Nanjing dialect, which means a little bit, and the meaning is just a little bit and you can eat it deliciously. 'After I came to Nanjing to study at university, I found that Nanjing people like to eat hot sauce, but there is no local specialty brand sauce like Lao Gan Ma, so everyone decided to design eight kinds of sauce packaging, such as duck meat sauce, crab yellow sauce, and bean paste.' Wu Peiyuan said. A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News saw that there are both traditional and classical style wine jars and glass bottles that look like pudding, which makes people look very appetizing. The packaging design won the second prize. He also received another surprise when he was in his junior year. Tianheng Packaging Co., Ltd. 'phased' him. The two sides signed an employment agreement on the spot yesterday.
Put together it is a palace lantern with a Chinese knot. When opened, there are eight kinds of boxed snacks. The Confucius Temple snacks are famous all over the world. In the future, visitors can bring this creatively packaged 'souvenir' back to send relatives and friends. The author of 'The Eight Wonders of Qinhuai' is Zhao Sai of Sanjiang College and other four students. The carton is painted with Nanjing’s unique painting boats and distinctive city walls, using the shape of the Confucius Temple doorplate, giving people a retro impression on the whole, reminiscent of the prosperous 'Ten Miles of Qinhuai'.
According to Zhou Yong, chairman of the Provincial Cultural Exchange, the award-winning works exhibition will last until the afternoon of the 26th, and the works have been released on the trading platform. Enterprises are welcome to purchase the original design packaging copyrights of college students, and no commission will be charged for students . Recently, the China Cultural Exchange is planning to create an 'original music copyright trading market'. In the future, if you have good works, you can come to this platform to register copyrights and realize transactions.
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