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Talk about emotional factors in the wooden wine box packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-17
Introduction to emotional factors in the design of the packing with the progress of the society, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people more attention at the same time in the pursuit of material abundance of mental, and spiritual care and satisfaction, this causes the development and innovation of many things, to meet the demands of people, packaging design is no exception. Packaging design needs creative thinking, the designer gives practical packaging items at the same time, the emotional factors in the design of packaging should be strengthened. Through the design of the milk of human kindness, satisfy the psychological needs of consumers, and realize the product value at the same time. 1, to determine the emotional tone, sets up the brand image of the current commodity competition not only is the effect that commodity competition, there are still some cultural soft power, which is competitive, and emotional factors of packaging design is an effective way of soft power competition. Into the emotional factors in packaging design, can better communicate the brand information, cause the attention of consumers. 2, personalized design, specific consumer packaging design into the emotional factors, will be better able to cause the emotional experience of consumers. On the packing design, should make full use of innovation thinking, to personalized design of product packaging, to attract the attention of some specific consumers. On the premise of fully understand the consumer psychology, to the unique design of product packaging, fully show the characteristics of the product, the attention of consumers. Chocolate packaging is the same, for some women, thick chocolate will packaging design into a limited edition, the design of individual character to cause the attention of consumers.
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