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Talk about the Tea wooden gift box 】 The production process

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-16
Containers of tea tea wooden gift boxes, cuboids are common appearance, cube, cylinder, and other members of the opposite sex, etc. ; Material basically has: paper, wood, iron, aluminum, and other hybrid environmental protection material, etc. Tea wooden gift boxes production process: 1, the choice of the paper, including appearance material ( Special paper, leatherette paper, PU leather, coated paper, paper) 。 2, the choice of body materials ( Gray card, single white card, double white card, double copper card, single copper card, environmental protection plastic embryo, etc. ) 。 3 and production of die cutter and try and materials of beer package, after waiting for confirmation process and practices for material bulk cutting for bulk materials. 4, in the assembly workshop for tea wooden gift box assembly with handmade and finish the packing. A good tea wooden gift box packaging design, must have good foundation, is the nature of the packaging, that is how to maintain the quality of the tea so that it is not bad. Only fully understand the characteristics of tea and tea metamorphism caused by factors, can according to these features, select the appropriate materials to the use of huili, perfection. Especially for green food, more to strengthen environmental protection consciousness, meeting the needs of people return to nature.
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