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Talk about the Wooden gift box 】 Produce degumming phenomenon of solution?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Wooden gift boxes production process will produce the phenomenon of degumming, refers to the sticky mouth owing to lack of bonding fastness and cracking, the main solution summarized as follows: 1, wooden gift boxes production before testing glue, thumb and forefinger hold a viscous state for good ( Gift box material is different, of course, the glue are not the same as) 。 2, wooden gift boxes production process, pay attention to the glue, the semi-automatic blow bubble machine or threatening the wooden gift boxes, carpet surface, and can ensure the glue to the surface of paper. 3, wooden gift box when using glue paste Xu Ya reasonable grasp the air buy time. Air buy after edge tear with external force will face paper to see if a destructive, so the glue for fully qualified products won't come unglued in the future, not for pseudo glue, glue or practice should be adjusted.
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