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Tea box packaging design key points of application

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-04
Where's the tea box packaging design mainly several kinds of packaging? A broken, metal cans packaging metal cans packaging, moistureproof, sealed performance is very excellent, tea is ideal packing. General made of tin plating steel sheet metal cans, cylindrical in rectangular and cylindrical, carries the single-layer and double-layer cover cover two kinds. Points from the seal, has two kinds of general and seal pot. On packaging technology processing, deoxidizer packaging method, sealed cans can be used commonly to remove oxygen in the package. Sealed cans with aeration and vacuum packaging. Design and delicate metal cans is suitable for high-grade tea packaging. Second, carton packaging carton is with white paper, gray board paper after printing, molding, such as paper packaging printing prevents the easy damaged, shading performance is excellent. In order to solve the carton packaging tea aroma volatile and smell from outside influence, then in cartons with polyethylene plastic bag tea. Three, plastic molding container packaging polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other plastic molding containers with a generous, beautiful, packaging display effect is good, but the sealing performance is poorer, more packaging using in tea packaging printing, multi-purpose within its packaging composite film packaging bags. Four, composite film bag packaging composite film bag has good printing ability, made from its sale packaging design, to attract customers, promote the tea sales more has a unique effect. Plastic composite membrane has good qualitative light, not easy to damage, heat sealing, appropriate price and many other advantages, is widely used in the packing.
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