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by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
When we feel the fresh fragrance of tea, we also see that the tea market is becoming the focus of excessive packaging, especially the tea market. Recently, I saw a new tea packaging box: the outermost layer is a wooden box packaging, the wooden box is covered with printed plastic film, the wooden packaging box is filled with plastic foam and silk, and the silk is wrapped in several iron boxes. There is a tin foil bag inside the iron box, and the tin foil bag contains tea leaves. Calculating carefully, plus the handbag, the tea leaves are packaged in at least six different materials, and the tea leaves occupy only a quarter of the space in the packaging at best.

The picture of gift tea packaging comes from the Internet

In life, there is an indispensable exchange of gifts and gifts. Take gift tea for example. Although the things are not expensive but the packaging is beautiful, they can express filial piety to the elders, reply to human feelings, and attach importance to the feelings of friends. Appropriate packaging does have certain social needs and has certain rationality. However, excessive packaging of tea is not advisable.

We know that the market is composed of two aspects of supply and demand. As long as one aspect is cut off, the market will no longer exist. In order to form a healthy development trend of frugal packaging in society, it is necessary to reverse the idea that people admire vanity and despise practicality. Wooden box manufacturers produce more simple and practical packaging products, and recommend simple and practical packaging products. Consumers do not buy excessive packaging. commodity. Of course, it is difficult to do this and will be constrained by traditional habits, but we must not sit back and watch bad customs indifferently. Good customs should start with ourselves and slowly cultivated. Each of us also has the responsibility to appeal to the society: Do not over-package!
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