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Technological means and characteristics of wooden wine boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-29
Wine packaging design to design the structure of the image must eventually together, if the structure can know in advance when producing the limitation of images, the non-drying label, vacuum aluminum compound bag. According to the requirements, the packing box can put a LOGL effect: stereo, change, and this product is a representative of the fashion and high-technology, is ordinary print products are worlds apart, is a dynamic image of full of vitality, these features can improve the added value of wooden wine box. Become a great promotion of goods from the customers and improve market image means and novel fang to media, eye-catching and effective. And more picture frame, according to the gradient effect or magic change dream-like dynamic feeling, strange advertising effectiveness, highly ornamental effect. Because the bottle more choose glass, ceramic, jars etc. Although to wine quality effect, easily broken, so the wooden wine boxes, bottles have to be a good supporting role. Commonly used to support materials have a paper jam, gray cardboard, the fiber board, etc.
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