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The advantage of leather boxes, wooden box custom-made have?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
Leather boxes, wooden box is a kind of packaging materials, packaging industry indispensable so extraordinarily popular, after this kind of leather boxes, wooden box packaging goods, not only appearance is very beautiful, but also to improve the value of a lot of products. So many businessmen for wooden packing box custom-made products for leather box, so what's the advantage of doing that? Below small make up a analysis. ( 1) Color: because the leather is repainting coloring. Color choices are far more than wood packaging, complete the level paper packaging, what color to what color it is sprayed. ( 2) Texture has advantages: less wood texture; Paper due to the thickness of the thin and man-made texture no sense; Only leather packaging can do wood texture, can do the paper texture, is the sum of the two, can imitate the metal wiredrawing, plastic, cloth, texture, marble, ceramics, bronze, etc. ( 3) Thickness has advantages: cortex is intervene between the wood and paper, safeguard people use both good touch feeling, in the process of overcome the paper light touch, without heavy sense of wood, Is proper. ( 4) Strength advantages: paper pieces, a tear is lousy: wooden sex, ten percent off; Only leather & other; Tenacity & throughout; To overcome the above all kinds of defects, to interpret the characteristics of the soft in just. ( 5) Advantage of compatibility: different color, texture, thickness of paper and wood, design on the same product, often cannot very good compatibility, due to conflicting appear abrupt. Cortex is rely on natural texture, with a piece of cowhide, back and belly of leather is the same, but the feeling is completely different, people have already accepted this kind of different. So accepted the compatibility of the cortex. ( 6) Advantage of price and time limit for a project: cortical packaging intervene between the paper and wood, the price of the time limit for a project is between the wood and paper. Basic can meet the needs of the design and production of the construction period, and can satisfy the different positioning of market sales. The characteristics of integrated packaging from cortex, not only hard wood, such as soft cloth, colour and lustre with paper, toughness; Also, have irreplaceable close contact with human body similar close close feeling. To sum up, the above information is detailed described, leather boxes, wooden box custom-made some advantage, you need to custom-made leather boxes, wooden box, EVA wooden packing box, wine box, wooden box, bamboo wooden box, moon cake box wooden boxes, wooden gift boxes and wooden gift boxes, tea friends, can consult our hangzhou wooden box manufacturers.
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