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The advantage of the carton packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
The carton packaging is now more and more common, then the advantages of the carton packaging features do detail: ( 1) The carton packaging printing, color is rich; ( 2) The carton packaging production and quick, easy to mass production; ( 3) Fold the carton packaging storage and transportation of small size, transportation cost is low; ( 4) Carton packaging machinery operation is given priority to, artificial cost is low; ( 5) The total cost is low, the carton packaging products cheap, easy to accept and promote; ( 6) The carton packaging is easy to environmental regeneration. On the UV light is an added light resin, curing agent with mode, and ink printing, different ways is adopted ultraviolet UV curing dry. It is much more secure than other polishing technology of environmental protection, and has quick drying speed, not limited by class printing species, low consumption, energy saving, good quality of friction resistance corrosion resistance, etc. UV glazing layers to provide design work with high gloss reflection effect, more and more get the favour of designers, often use local UV glazing to emphasize a picture of visual effect, give print material texture changes. Glazing oil processing technology, there are two main ways: printing coating processing and special glazing coating machine. Glazing coating printing coating processing is the use of printing equipment, in fact the light oil as a special kind of printing ink. Specifically in the process of printing, lose the oil in the light of the ink system transfer to a plate, cover on has not yet dry ink, light oil and printing ink will be absorbed by the paper fiber; Special glazing coater coating processing is when printing ink dry after using oil coating machine equipment operation, reduce the paper to the absorption of light oil coating, maintain the luster of the light oil. Substrates of the ink absorption ability to insure the effect of gloss is an important influencing factors, so will be preferred to choose through coating processing in the paper. Laminating process is processing of paper surface, is refers to the surface of resin coated machine in print covering a thin layer of transparent plastic film. After coated printing, the surface will be more smooth and shining, fouling resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, books and periodicals cover color is more bright is dazzing, not easy to be damaged, print abrasion resistance, folding resistance, tensile and wet resistance have been greatly strengthened, improve the service life and beautify the appearance of all kinds of printing products. Convex concave pressure: design the outline of graphics can be through a special processing technology on the graphic print form three-dimensional convex or concave, the effect of this kind of processing technology is convex and concave pressure process. Caused by the convex and concave processing paper embossed effect, so it can strengthen a design element in graphic print, highlighting the overall design of the visual and tactile appeal. The convex, concave pressure technology used in wrapping paper, labels, packing box, card, such as paper, shows its commodity value. In general, the convex, concave process is especially suitable for processing on thick paper, because of the thick paper embossing effect is better than tissue paper can guarantee the strength and wear resistance, this process is divided into color within convex, colorless concave convex and nonferrous pressure, colorless indented. Pressure steel wire technology is mainly trained steel wire, steel knife line, and rice noodle three. 1 plain steel wire used for embossing boxes, paper crease. 2 steel knife line used for can't on the cutter cutting all kinds of special-shaped cutting edge line up. 3 meter used for paper box, paper, paper is easy to tear the cut point. A good packaging is the product of the 'soul' and 'selling point', hope the above is introduced to be of help. Carton, SQS
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