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The advantages of folding boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Folding box as the name suggests is a kind of can be folded box, in the process of transportation is flat shape is one box. Folding boxes are widely used in drinks/pharmaceutical/clothing and cosmetics products such as packaging. Plus it before folding can be superimposed slab shape greatly reduces the cost of transportation and storage facilities. Folding box is a kind of toughness of thin cardboard box, after printing, die cutting indentation, glue. The biggest characteristic is folded box piece in the storage and delivery time can save a large part of the storage space and shipping costs; At the time of sale, display for the advertising products. Easy processing, low cost, through the row of knives, die-cutting indentation, fold, glue and other process, easy to turn cardboard need pallets, in the shape of the cost of processing is much cheaper than the plastic, metal, glass, also can protect the products, fixed. The advantages of folding box: 1, low cost, better strength, has the good display effect, suitable for mass production; 2, compared with the paste paper box and plastic box, small footprint, transportation, warehousing and other circulation cost; 3, on the mechanical of high production efficiency, can realize automatic box, packing, folding cover, seal, container, stacking, etc. More than four, structural change and can perform a partition inside the box, roll cover, curve indentation, open the window, POP advertising board, novel processing exhibition platform, etc. 5, easy to store and transport. Cartons are folded before use, greatly reduce the storage and transportation of space. Because of folding box, low cost, suitable for mass production, the structure diversification, the advantages of easy to decoration design, has been widely used in all.
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