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The appearance of wooden packaging design needs to follow the principle of what?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
In a wide range of products in the design of the wooden packing box, all to be fast, smart, and pleasing to the eye to attract consumer attention. Wood packaging to reflect continuity and uniqueness. In modern society, material is rich, the similar commodity competition is intense, so the wooden packing box design should follow the following principles: 1, combine product characteristics, use goods form elements in aesthetic principles. 2, to adapt to market demand, to carry on the accurate market positioning, creating brand personality. 3, to & other; Light, thin, short, small & throughout; To prevent excessive packing, exaggeration and useless 4, to draw inspiration from the nature, using simulation technique for packaging appearance of design innovation. 5, give full consideration to environmental and ergonomic factors. 6, actively use new technology, new materials for modern packaging design. 7, vigorously develops the series packaging design. To sum up, the contents of the above are detailed introduced, wooden packing box design should follow the principle of. This need to consult more product information, please contact the small make up well.
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