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The application of the wooden packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-30
In the process of product packaging design, the traditional Chinese painting design has been widely used. Design in the application, reflects the traditional Chinese painting to draw depth and space feeling, in the process of people and animals depict, the design principle of the unity and consistency. At present, the traditional Chinese painting for packaging design application, mainly composed of chrysanthemum patterns such as the traditional Chinese painting elements. In the process of application of traditional Chinese painting elements, better embody the connotation of the product, highlights the culture of the product packaging. When using the traditional Chinese painting pattern for packaging design, need to consider the design choice whether appropriate, will be able to meet the needs of the packaging design. When of tea packaging, for example, using the teahouse figure of of primitive simplicity, can give a person a kind of good aesthetic feelings, highlight the temperament of of primitive simplicity of product itself. In addition, in the packaging design, want to notice for some outstanding cultural features and design applications. For example, & other; At the age of poetic & throughout; , this design itself is a powerful cultural connotation, and is well known, applied to packaging design, can have better effect.
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