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The benefits of the wooden packing box and advantage

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-22
There is a wooden box with ordinary printing products, vibrant and dynamic image, these features can improve the added value of the wooden packing box, become the promotion of goods from the customers, an excellent means to enhance the market image and new media, play an effective role in attracting eyeballs. Wooden box with the improvement of living standards, are used in many products for the packaging, wooden packing box and the advantages of a lot as well as advantages. All types of wood has a unique granular structure, such as woods, white and red oak, ash, walnut with perforated holes. Can provide a unique texture quality. Often collected wood surface is dyed color is & other; Open pores & throughout; , it seems more dark than the whole part. Like maples, alder, such as wood, and cherry tone woods. The timber has a smooth texture, can be done evenly. These naturally occurring characteristics can be used as furniture general aesthetic feeling. Packed in wooden cases often fine workmanship, materials, exquisite, and aesthetically pleasing appearance, so the wooden box packaging itself usually has a strong ornamental and commercial.
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