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the best office chairs: how to choose a stylish seat that fits your needs

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-10
According to ONS, more than 1.
5 million British now work from home and enjoy a life without sardines
Esque commute in the morning, stuck behind the desk in the office for at least 8 hours, and for all the time of the day, it\'s equivalent to being too cold, too hot.
Looking at our every move without a boss or co-worker appearing in front of us, as we walk out of bed at eleven o\'clock A. M. , we frown, we still pour the third bowl of cereal in our pajamas, it is said that working from home will make many of us feel socially and professionally isolated.
Whether you end up turning your kitchen table into a temporary desk during the day or lucky enough to have a spare room that can be turned into a home office, make a designated work area at home with a comfortable office chair, instead of just sitting on the bed or putting your laptop on your lap on the sofa, the key to creating a productive working environment for yourself.
But while you\'re trying to recreate an office-like environment at home to keep you motivated and productive, you don\'t have to make yourself a duplicate of the office you left behind.
Farewell to the strange size of the table, the constantly clogged drawer, which is an air-conditioned device, it seems that the only purpose in life is to defeat, and most importantly, to say goodbye to the uncomfortable chair.
What you want is an ergonomic chair, the most comfortable office chair designed to support the lower back and ensure a good posture.
Read some office chair reviews to find out what\'s best for you is worth it.
Jenkin Au, EMEA product manager at Steelcase, said: \"The development of technology and the change in the way we work have completely changed the way we work, but they have also put more pressure on our bodies.
Sitting still all day can increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and can also cause tension in our back.
\"What\'s more complicated with these health problems is that workers sitting in poorly designed chairs are also paying more attention to their discomfort, which means they are not paying much attention to work.
\"So when you\'re sitting in front of your computer all day, having a comfortable office chair will make you more productive.
With all this in mind, we recommend some of our favorite ergonomic office chairs. . .
1,377, made by aram. to-
Order Cherner rotating base task chair (
A chair used with a desk with multiple adjustment functions)
Can be purchased in \"classic Wales\" or \"natural beach\", with or without weapons.
This chair is light, sturdy and adjustable in height and is a stylish addition to any home office. Buy now£490.
40, John lewisergonom design, light weight, compact. The SAYL office chair provides excellent lumbar support and has specially designed hinge points to bend and support the pelvis.
The lumbar support refers to the ears, shoulders, pelvis (hips)
Keep aligned and keep the natural inward bend of the lower spine.
When the elestolex foam and fabric seats provide a cushion that fits the contours of your body, you can easily adjust to your preferences so that you can comfortably sit inside for a long time.
Conran ShopCharles Eamesis £ 998 is part of the reason for some of the most famous chairs in the 20 th century, and Eames EA216 is no exception.
A signature Ames chair may leave a mark in your wallet, but it is worth it in terms of style or comfort.
This soft and comfortable office chair features a high back and arm rest for optimal comfort while working. The die-
The cast aluminum clamping bracket on the base allows for a gentle tilt.
Buy £ 29 now and the Jefferson office chair at John Lewis is height-
Adjustable back tilt.
The handrails are fixed in the appropriate position, which may not be ideal for a long time, but the padded seat does make up for this in terms of comfort.
There are three colors in this comfortable chair (
Gray, black and chestnut)
To match your interior
John lebih this simple and comfortable office chair has a variety of advanced features, including automatic and weight-sensitive recline, providing perfect support for anyone using a chair.
These features allow the chair to provide continuous lumbar support when in use, even if the individual changes the posture.
Although this chair may not be the most beautiful, this front model has a curved back and a waist pump to adjust the air volume in the waist pad to provide additional support --
Make it one of the best office chairs on your back.
The sliding range of the seat is 50mm when the memory foam seat cushion provides extra comfort.
The handrails are adjustable, retractable and can be folded up when not needed.
There are also red and black.
Buy £ 39 now, IKEAFor a perfect feature, budget option, and go to the rotary computer chair at Ikea Torkel.
It has a fixed armrest, but the height and tilt tension are adjustable to suit your movements and weight.
It also comes with safety casters for pressure sensitive braking mechanisms, which can hold the position of the chair when you stand up, and has convenient rotation functions.
Buying these now is the key thing to pay attention to when choosing an office chair for your home workspace.
The adjuicientsa good ergonomic chair has a variety of adjustments that can be adjusted according to the user\'s unique anatomy.
The adjustable seat depth and enough waist support are critical and make sure the backrest does not fall off when you are reclining on the chair.
Ideally, whether you\'re sitting upright or leaning back, you want the angle of the seat and back to stay the same-a bit like a rocking chair.
The environment ensures that the chair is suitable for the environment-
For example, you can get different casters (wheels)
For different floor types.
Every time you try to get up, you don\'t want to cross the floor uncontrollably.
Also make sure you have the right height gas column (
Adjustable bar for your seat support)
For the surface you are working on.
When you have a sedentary desk to work on, it is important to allow moving chairs.
While a good chair can make a huge difference, it is so important to leave the workstation on a regular basis.
Get up and pick up the phone, go for a walk, talk to your colleagues, instead of emailing, take the stairs --
Anything that improves your level of activity is critical to your long-term health.
The appearance of the chair will not put aesthetics in trouble.
The chair that looks the best is rarely the most ergonomic.
If you have any questions, please come to an expert and talk to you about the best options.
Don\'t forget that prevention is better than treatment-invest in the perfect and comfortable office chair before you get seriously injured.
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