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The classification of gift packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Reciprocity is a fine tradition of our country. When gifts, gift box not only convey the use of emotional communication between people, and improve the positioning of the gift, can appear solemn and polite, it is contact human emotion communication medium and bridge of friendship. Gift packaging design multiple diversity, what are the categories? Here to share with you. 1, according to the business mode of operation classification packaging can be divided into domestic product packaging and export product packaging. Products sold in the packaging of the main sales goal is to domestic consumers, export product packaging is mainly foreign consumers. 2, according to the role of circulation field classification according to the role of circulation, packaging can be divided into individual packing, the inner packing, packaging and the packaging. ( 1) Individual packaging: also known as commodity packaging, the product in package, bag or container, etc. ( 2) In packing: contains more than the inner packing, neutral packing unit is mainly used in the marketing chain. It has prevent the goods from extrusion force and the impact and damage or the external environment influence and be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew, corrosion and other degenerative changes in the role of, and protection, beautification, and promotional items. ( 3) The outer packing: the packing for the flow of goods storage and transportation links, usually contains more the inner packing or packaging. Packing material which accord with the requirement of economic and security. 3, according to the classification of packaging materials packaging can be divided into paper, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, wooden packaging, as well as by linen, cloth and other materials made of bamboo, rattan, grass of packing. The visual effect of different material make packaging is different, different goods also need to use different materials to packaging, in order to make the gift more secure, more beautiful. 4, according to these kinds of packaging products classification based on the characteristics of different commodities and industries, in the form of packing also is not the same, some focus on the green consumption, some focus on the safety and storage and transportation, but no matter what kind of packaging are to embody the function of the packaging. 5, according to the protective technique classification packing can be divided into insect-resistant, radiation protection packing, mouldproof, waterproof, shockproof packaging packaging, etc. ( 1) Insect-resistant packaging: in order to protect built-in objects from insect and take protective measures in packing. ( 2) Radiation protection packing: in order to prevent external radiation through the packaging container damage built-in quality and take protective measures of packaging. ( 3) Anti-mold packaging: in order to prevent the built-in mold affect their quality and take protective measures of packaging. ( 4) Waterproof packing: within in order to prevent the effect due to water immersion packaging quality and take protective measures of packaging. ( 5) Shockproof packaging: within to slow the impact and vibration, protect it from damage and take protective measures in packing. 6, according to the packing number of recycling classification can be divided into the one with the packaging, more with packaging and packing, etc. A refers to disposable packaging of use, i. e. to recycle after use, so want to consider to the cost of packaging and environmental factors. Packaging refers to the packaging can be recycled many times many times. Packing is between instruments and transport packaging container, the essence is a kind of repeated use of transport apparatus. Above is based on some of the classification of gift box design, hope to be able to help you choose beautiful proper packing gifts.
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