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The classification of the wooden jewelry box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-14
Ancient wooden jewelry box design categories: jewelry box mainly wood, such as rosewood, rosewood, mahogany, etc. ; Some modern leather, crystal, plastic, cardboard, glass, etc. Jewelry box in the wooden box for its thick texture primitive simplicity, is often applied to all kinds of high-grade consumer goods packaging, such as: food gift box, wine box, health care products, precious commodity, etc. Wooden box packaging fine workmanship, with makings fastidious, often with elegant appearance and shape, so the wooden box packaging itself usually has strong ornamental and commercial. Jewelry box have added some flannelette, now a lot of jewelry box jewelry box plant flannelette actually choose mainly see flannelette graft size, color fastness, ok? Handle, suede, etc. Plant flannelette characteristics: stereo sense is strong, bright color, feel soft, luxurious nobility, luxuriant sweet, image lifelike, avirulent insipidity, heat preservation, moistureproof, not to take off, rubbing, smooth without gap. Jewelry box jewelry box do you usually do in the plant flannelette is done with bead fleece, plush, velvet, plush velvet feeling smooth, soft, is a good choice, but the price is relatively high.
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