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The color of the wooden box bright increase consumer attention

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-18
, according to scientists, bright color of chocolate box of food packaging design can make you feel healthier, but you think it is more terrible. As is known to all, food packaging design is elegant directly affect consumers' desire to buy, ding process found, color plays a double-edged sword role here. Hesitates when customers for different tastes of food, the feeling of light color of the packaging design to consumers in general are not very good, especially for those who lack the health conscious consumers. Ding process found, the color of the packaging design can be in the two aspects of health and taste to the customer's purchase decision. These effects have greatly depends on the customer actual taste the food, and their own health consciousness. Chocolate box packaging design of color apply must embody the characteristics of food, showed the characteristics of food, but also take care of the psychological needs of consumer and habits. Through application of reasonable color and color relationship, can easily show the food taste, such as the hard edge style of graphics, line type pattern in combination with cool colors to express the entrance crunchy foods. Human's ability is limited, so we cannot judge whether food health by taste. People even tasted the food, the color of the packaging still determine food for people's health has played a guiding role. Ding design personnel, when unable to taste food, people tend to be more willing to believe that this thing is terrible. Although the light color of chocolate box packaging can make the customer feel the food is healthy, but it will make them feel subconsciously taste of this thing is wrong. Dark chocolate box packaging, on the other hand, can let people temporarily out of the food tasted bad assumptions. So in the lack of health consciousness of people selling health food, light color packing will buy obstacles. Dark packaging is offset concerns effective ways for taste.
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