03 wooden picture frame

The color of the wooden packing box, with 'heart' feeling

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-10
Generally speaking, the red is a warm and joy, cyan said calm and indifferent, black said sad and lonely, purple said solemnly and unrest, gray said empty, dark red said anger and anxiety and so on. In terms of appearance, generally is said a pure white, gray says simple, cyan said peace and the poor, yellow light and riches and honour, purple stone, the black darkness and real. On the picture, colour also can relatively expressed the object distance feeling, general nearly color is more, in addition, lifelike color is also very important, only the real colour, can have qualitative feeling. Tonal with warm color to move, the dominant colors such as red, yellow, orange, because of its approximation and flame color gives a person with warm feeling therefore calls warm color to move, and give priority to with blue, blue is tonal, give a person the sense with cool or cold, it said. And green, white and so on is the middle value. Color occupies an important position in the printing. Correct understanding and application of color, can make prints to bright, and the degree of coordination and harmony. Color has a warm feeling and emotional feeling, appearance, distance space and texture. Keywords: wooden box
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