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The colour of gift box design skills

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Gift box design colour skills from the following points should be noticed: one is the color and packaging are care of relationship; 2 it is colour and colour contrast relationship. These two points is a key in colour is applied. Under the below small make up to introduce the colour of gift box design skills. A, color and packaging are care ( 1) Progresses from the industry, food packaging class normal coloring the mass-tone attune of light yellow, pink to express this gives a person the sense with warm and close. , of course, including tea, with green, drinks, with green and blue, alcohol, pastry with big red, children's food with rose a lot. ( 2) From the performance characteristics, in terms of food, cakes pastries class multi-purpose aureate, attacks the impression of light color gives a person with fragrance; Tea, beer drinks such as multi-purpose red or green, a symbol of the rich and fragrant tea; Tomato juice, apple juice, multi-purpose red, concentrated show that with the nature of the item. Second, the color and color contrast relations ( 1) The depth of the color to use. This in the packaging design coloring on the frequency of the most, the range of the most widely used. So-called depth contrast, design should be refers to the color depth on two colors ingeniously appear on a screen at the same time, and the perspective of comparative coordination, produce class effect. ( 2) The weight of the color to use contrast on the use of packaging color, this is also one of important representation technique. This weight contrast, tend to be on the impression of light simple but elegant foil a dignified deep theme pattern, or in a dignified deep theme. Show a light simple but elegant packaging with the theme of the name, and logo or slogan. ( 3) Color use point facing ratio ( Or size) This contrast, mostly in a packaging image design process, the use of pigment from a center or focus on to the overall image contrast, namely, small scale and a wide range of contrast between the images. Above is about wooden gift box design colour collocation skill, hope you can help to you. Small make up: the ZRM
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