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The condition of design tea wooden gift boxes to consider?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-16
Is known to all, tea is an expression of life taste, with the modern people life level of ascension, more and more people love tea, and it also makes the original sales more hot tea, for a good product, we want to packaging, tea is not exceptional also, of course, so manufacturers in the wooden gift box design of tea, what key elements should meet? Heng tai small make up to you to introduce: tea wooden gift box design should satisfy the following requirements: that is to highlight the tea color harmony, wooden gift box appearance outstanding, in the packaging design, based on the principle of harmony, balance and outstanding, will be different colour combination and collocation to constitute a beautiful page; Then, tea wooden gift boxes designed style is unified, maintain internal and external packaging unified style, help to achieve the unity of the overall effect, to achieve the unity of the style, don't have to do the same, each face, for example, you can be unified on color, or unity in shape, while maintaining the style is unified to add some changes to packaging design; Second, the interface is relaxed, to attract the others stay for a long period of time in your page, never let the human feel depressed. The background color of tea wooden gift boxes to use comfortable, to contrast between foreground text, figure and background, so eye fatigue, , wooden gift boxes to reasonable layout, distinct, the layer of the page to clear, things can't be too much, put the position to the right, has the certain organization.
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