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The consumption concept of wooden box design positioning

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
As a wooden box packaging, its most fundamental attribute is use value, and the commercialization of wooden packaging boxes is not
The final direction of the design, the final day of the design should be to provide consumers with satisfactory consumption
Product. The quality of consumer products will directly affect future purchase behavior. The consumption of wooden box packaging design positioning
View essentially refers to the analysis of consumer behavior and characteristics from the perspective of consumers to determine the positioning of wooden boxes.
From the perspective of consumption, we can start from the following aspects:

(1) Consumers. Including the consumer’s gender, age, identity, occupation and education level, etc.

(2) The economic situation of consumers. Will directly affect purchasing power and the grade of goods purchased.

(3) Consumption mode. See if there is group consumption.

(4) The regional nature of consumption. Take into account geography, climate, festivals, social customs and religious beliefs.

Although the factors to be considered in the design and positioning of wooden boxes also come from other factors, such as policy and positioning, design
Housekeeping and positioning, etc., but through the transformation of different functions of wooden packaging boxes in market circulation, it has the essentials
Such analysis will enable our wooden box packaging design to play its due value in the market.
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