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The cultural idea of creative wine box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-04
Creative wine box packaging bearing cultural information, meet the needs of people aesthetic spirit, and promote a variety of action such as natural environmental protection concept. The cultural creativity into the creative arts and crafts in packaging design to pay special attention to the following respects. 3. 1 packaging design should embody the value of traditional culture creative wine box packaging is to meet people's spiritual and cultural life and aesthetic demand, as the anchorage of human emotions, has special significance, therefore the creative arts and crafts of packaging should not only consider the material, structure and other technical problems, but should also fully consider the emotional and nationalization. Creative wine box packaging is often combined with local traditional folk customs, local customs and culture characteristic reflected in the creative arts and crafts design. Add local cultural elements in creative wine box packaging, to reflect the unique ethnic customs, geographical feature, give people a & other Beauty & throughout; The spirit of enjoyment. For example, using the traditional decorative patterns ( All kinds of moire, traditional decorative pattern, ink landscape, paper cutting and other decorative elements) Application on the box, can make the packaging immersive, different feeling to the person. Han dynasty longevity embroidery decorative design elements can be applied to the main ideas of the traditional culture of craft on the package, such as imitation terracotta warriors in xian, the fengxiang clay sculpture, etc. 3. 2 culture creative concept and the concept of green environmental protection combined with combining culture creative concept and the concept of green environmental protection, to design novel, the creative arts and crafts of environmental protection packing. Cultural creativity in reflect & other; Beauty & throughout; At the same time, also reflects the modern & other; Green, environmental protection & throughout; The scientific idea. Use recycling paper to creativity tableware packaging, the design will be green environmental protection concept and culture creative idea very good together. The gifts sets of tableware collection of packaging, cup and saucer, save separate each tableware packaging materials, and the overall contracted and not tedious, smiling face of graphic design of packaging and folding carton is clever structure design are very good embodies the creative wine box packaging novel, peculiar features. At the same time, a paper for the packing materials, recyclable, green environmental protection; The structure of the folding carton can be transported folded into a cardboard pages, saving storage and logistics costs, also reflected the concept of low carbon environmental protection. 3. 3 cultural creativity of the bionic packaging concept & other; Packaging & throughout; This concept is not only as a supporting role to match the product sales and simple packaging commodities; Any a enterprise want to win more customers, design is novel and unique personalized packaging on the shaping of the brand culture has played a vital role. For creative wine box packaging the adornment sex is strong industry, advantages and disadvantages of packaging design to a certain extent, affect the value of the wine box itself, so the high quality, novel and unique personalized packaging design for this industry plays an important role. The formation of the brand needs to personalized design, the unique brand personality is the key to form the brand image. In the process of a lot of young people's consumption, the personalized demand is more and more big, the hope can reflect fashionable goods, pay attention to personality. So, if for more personalized creative wine box packaging, will get their attention, thus the psychological demand into consumer behavior. At present, bionic packaging occupies very important position in the personalized packaging design. “ The carpenter tan & throughout; Wooden comb bionic packaging design. The packaging design will be wooden comb and bones together, will be packed products and vivid, unique design, highlight personality. 3. 4 creative packaging design should consider the packing function and market positioning of creative wine box packaging also belong to the commodity packaging, the basic function of packaging is to protect good products on the packaging, convenient storage and transportation and promote the role of sales. Creative arts &crafts packing should fully consider the characteristics of creative wine box: the product is small in size, shapes and packaging should be fully considered about the conformity of the product, storage and transportation, but also easy to carry, open and convenient. Creative wine box packaging functional requirements for packing is higher, good packaging material and structure can maximally avoid physical and chemical damage. In addition, the creative wine box packaging design according to the result of market research, make a comprehensive analysis, determine the creative wine box potential target customers. Will be creative wine box packaging shall be carried out in accordance with the high, medium and low-end classification, carries on the different structure design and packaging decoration design. With the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for creative will become more and more big; For creative wine box packaging design and development, to promote the arts and crafts sales, and dissemination of creative culture and spirit of the humanities is of great significance. Ding technology with the development of deep foundation, excellent processing technology; In creative wine box packaging design, the essence of cultural creativity, into the Chinese traditional culture elements, combining culture creative concept with the concept of green environmental protection, further analysis the creative wine box of market orientation and the functional sex of the packaging, will help the development and improvement of creative wine box, help expand creative wine box industry chain, for creative wine box industry transformation and upgrading, branding is of great significance.
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