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The design concept of theory of high-grade red wine gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-01
With the improvement of people's quality of life, people more the pursuit of quality of life, red wine, such as noble and romantic implication, make the wine has a large market in China. High-grade red wine is people party and gifts of choice, everywhere reflect master grade. When buying wine, high-grade red wine gift box design to attract people's attention, not only colorful, but also practical. High-grade red wine gift box also represents the red wine consumption market in China. In recent years, the red wine market increasingly fierce competition, the market of high-grade red wine gift box is unprecedented prosperity. This article to share with you all in the author's ideas to the design of high-grade red wine gift box and thinking. Red wine, known as red wine, because brewing, grape skins and grape pulp squeezed together, grape lining the red pigment in the press release. The effect of red wine a lot, because it is through natural fermentation brewing wine, there are many ingredients. These materials such as minerals of red wine and fruit, decides the quality of wine. High-grade red wine brings people is a kind of aroma and bouquet of fusion, make people have endless enjoyment in our sense of taste. High-grade red wine gift box is the thickness is 3 mm - 6 mm cardboard, artificial onlay. In the packaging development process, of course, there have been a lot of metal or plastic wine box packaging, plastic wine box this year to use by many large manufacturers. But the carton is still the mainstream of high-grade red wine gift box, because light box, convenient processing, printing performance is high. Figure more and more on the surface of the carton, appearance beautiful, loved by everyone. In our country, high-grade red wine gift box to will be more and more health, and human nature. Through the packaging to preserve the natural red wine and red wine coordinate with each other. The carton just can do these two points, health and environmental protection, and can be printed pattern to coordinated and red wine. The production of high-grade red wine gift box is very complicated, there are decorative inner liner, liner of bubble or materials such as PVC, such structure can play the role of buffering and decoration. Wine box packaging will have the anti-counterfeiting function, USES a destructive anti-counterfeiting tear way when open, or inside the box increased special background. Because of high-grade red wine gift box printing is difficult, so these ways are effective way of security. The design of the high-grade wine box is very exquisite, can't rely on grandiose repeatedly decoration or rendering text, to brand image and cultural connotation in the design. High-grade red wine gift box in the design, pay attention to people's consumption psychology research and accurate market positioning. High-grade red wine gift box design, as it were, not only to ensure the original red wine, also want to give people the visual impact.
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