02 wooden wine box

The design theory of wooden gift box, people-oriented

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
1, understand the wooden gift box itself features such as the quality of the product, size, strength, avoid light, moisture resistance, as well as the method of use, etc. , different products have different characteristics, these characteristics also determines its packaging materials and methods shall comply with the requirements of the product's features. 2 and understand the object of the products and services because of the gender, age and education level of the buyer, the state of the economy is not the same to form the cognitive differences of goods changes, so products also have the needle to sex. Mastered the use of the product in object, has it been possible to locate the accurate packaging design. 3, know only by selling wooden gift box way of selling products to become a sense of the goods, there are many kinds of product distribution way, common is shelf sales, in addition to not enter the mail-order sales and pyramid selling direct sale and so on, this also means that packaging should be taken. Keywords: wooden gift box
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