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The difference between the wooden jewelry box and leather jewelry box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-16
1, wooden jewelry box, wooden box is like elegant, elegant temperament of women using appropriate class. General points have mahogany casket, pine, oak wood jewelry box jewelry box, peach wooden jewelry box, Chinese catalpa wood is the most characteristic. Chinese catalpa wood is walnut, due to slow growth, its stripes fine, simple sense is strong. Representative such as national technology outside European pine casket. There are such as specular paint jewelry box, metal jewelry box, paper box, etc. Jewelry box, in accordance with the raw material classification, pallets, wooden boxes, leather boxes, plastic boxes and metal box; According to the way points have a flip book type box, liuhe cover box, etc. ; According to use sanctions have business gift box and personal gift box, etc. Jewelry box, leather leather jewelry box jewelry box 1 general elements, combining the modern planning in s taste is permeated with a strong modern smell. Average score plain leather crocodile grain leather jewelry box, jewelry box, pearl leather jewelry box. Gift boxes, such as pull the eu's big S crocodile grain leather jewelry box, plain leather Pandora bead light leather jewelry box jewelry box and ears type is more representative. Jewelry box
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