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The economic relationship between commodity packaging boxes and logistics

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
[Beijing Wooden Box Processing Factory] contains: The reason why goods need packaging boxes, it is also for the operation of goods
Convenient storage and transportation in medium, stacking in storage, loading and unloading in intermodal transportation, central location of storage, loading in car and ship The protection of
has an economic problem. The packaging box in the logistics system can be regarded as the production process
Extension to the circulation and consumption fields. The economic role of commodity packaging in the logistics system can be derived from
The following aspects are discussed.

1. Protect the utility of commodities. The packaging box makes the goods not damaged and safe during the circulation process
Transport, protect the use value of goods.

2. The packaging box printing plant provides guarantee for the normal performance of other logistics functions. Merchandise entity
After packaging, it provides necessary guarantee for the normal performance of logistics functions such as transportation, loading and unloading, and warehousing. Make
Transportation, loading and unloading, storage and other activities can be carried out conveniently and quickly. Packaging economics should study logistics cooperation
Physics and chemistry and reduction of logistics costs and protection and reduction of logistics processes.
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