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The focus of wooden wine boxes of green packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-01
Wooden wine box packaging materials is the key of the implementation green wooden wine box packaging, speed up the development of new materials, new technology and the new wine is crucial to the development of the green wooden wine box packaging. Green wooden wine box packaging industry in China to get faster development, will increase the intensity of scientific research, in environmental management, tax, credit and other aspects of the scientific work of wooden wine box packaging enterprise give appropriate support, help enterprises to form a good mechanism of research and development, absorb advanced technology, accelerate the reusable, durable, renewable, edible, the development of biodegradable wooden wine box packaging materials. At the same time, the government also needs to perfect the protection of patent laws, fundamentally inspire the enthusiasm of enterprise invention. In the implementation of the green wooden wine box packaging, the role of design is very significant. In terms of transportation wooden wine box packaging design, we should optimize the structure of wooden wine box packaging, study how to embody in the structural design of security, environmental protection, the idea of optimization, application of adaptability, easy reuse, wooden wine box packaging structure of easy to recycle, and improve transportation space usage. In terms of sales wooden wine box packaging design, we will focus to crack down on excessive wooden wine box packaging and false wooden wine box packaging, multi-purpose excellent creative design rather than by inclination is precious materials to meet the needs of the market. We should study how to based on the characteristics of goods through the elements such as text, graphics, color collocation is to increase the content of art, skillfully in improving the value of the goods itself at the same time, and manifests the green consumption concept. For example, can be beautiful, healthy, environmental protection theme graphics and images, with the charm of art consumers, to inspire spread green consumption culture.
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