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The focus of wooden wine packaging testing

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-20
Red wine with good taste, colour and lustre, nutrition and protect key role and become a new trend of alcohol consumption, more and more people choose to drink red wine. For the quality of the wine has always been pursued by the wine producers. The wine, and the research work such as nutrition, color, taste, smell extensive application in the enterprise with scientific research institutions; Were the focus of these studies is the role of oxygen in wine production and storage process and control of wine packaging ( Bottle) Analysis and detection of oxygen osmotic quantity. Wine in the process of storage and transportation and shelves, oxygen plays a considerable role. Trace amounts of oxygen to promote the polymerization of tannins, make the wine color bright, color is more stable, at the same time make full bodied, reduce the young new wine taste. In addition, also help in wine aroma substances ( Aromatic smell) Volatile, so that the more full-bodied and rich fruit. But too much oxygen can make wine due to excessive oxidation loss of nutrition and taste, even bad. Wine box is given priority to with glass bottles, although the basic can't through the glass material, oxygen bottles and caps is not, however, even if the bottles and caps are of high barrier performance, oxygen will continue through the cork or gasket into the glass bottle inside, so the focus of the detection and control of oxygen osmotic quantity falls to the part of the air bottle seal performance test. Wine packaging sealing structure is generally crown cap, gasket and the form of the cork. People usually think that this kind of packing form will be able to complete the oxygen barrier outside and don't have to worry about the product after the encapsulation of oxygen permeation problem, don't worry too much more oxygen into the loss of taste and the oxidation problem.
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