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The function of wooden box packaging for goods

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Wooden box packaging is adapted to commodity circulation, driven by the overall development and comprehensive needs of the society, with material technology, processing technology, printing technology and management
Science and art science and other science and technology; mutual penetration, development and integration are the conditions. In order to analyze and study the characteristics of the use value of commodity packaging
Point, wooden box packaging must be classified, and must be in accordance with the system from product to commodity, from design, production to storage, sales, use or consumption
Cheng came to study it, so as to meet the needs of wooden box packaging operation and management, and to open up a new situation for wooden box packaging research.

Wooden box packaging is one of the oldest, most culturally historical, and oldest packaging in our Chinese nation and even in the world. It is one of the oldest packaging in the world.
The scientific and cultural development of human society has made countless outstanding contributions. Among the 'Four Great Inventions' in ancient my country, 'Papermaking' and 'Printing'
are two great inventions directly related to packaging. From the beginning, paper was both a writing material and a packaging material until the advanced development of modern packaging science and technology.
Today, it is still one of the most important packaging materials; and the 'printingAn important part of
. A large number of historical facts and unearthed cultural relics (such as pottery, porcelain and other containers) prove that the Chinese nation was the first in the world to invent and use
One of the ancient peoples of packaging.

Wooden box products are common in all countries in the world. There are different understandings of the meaning of wooden box packaging.
The original meaning is consistent.

The American Packaging Association believes that: wooden box packaging is an act of preparation for the shipment and sale of products.

It is determined in the Japanese Dictionary of Packaging Terms: Wooden box packaging is to use appropriate materials and containers and apply technology to make the product reach the destination safely. which is
The product can maintain its flag and maintain the value of the product during transportation and storage.

The Canadian Packaging Association believes that: wooden box packaging is a tool for special products to be delivered by suppliers to customers or consumers to keep the products in good condition.

The Beijing Wooden Box Manufacturers Association believes that wooden box packaging is an artistic, scientific and technical preparation for the transportation and sale of goods. on
The basic meaning of several statements indicates that the main function of wooden box packaging lies in every step of the whole process from the production of the product to the hands of the consumer.
paragraph, no matter what external influence is encountered, the content can be protected without reducing its use value.

The wooden box produced by the wooden box packaging manufacturer is actually to protect the product during the circulation process, facilitate storage and transportation, promote sales, and facilitate use.
The overall name of the packaging, materials and auxiliary materials used for a certain technical method. It also refers to the use of wooden box packaging, materials and
A certain technical method and other operational activities are applied in the process of auxiliary materials.

To sum up, wooden box packaging is used in the logistics and sales process to ensure the smooth realization of product use value and value.
Systems with specific functions.
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