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The future development of wooden wine box packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-21
Changing consumer spending habits, to promote the wine box provides a sufficient condition for the development of packaging design. Analysis, explore the trend of the wine box packaging design, can from the following four aspects: 1. Personality packing at present, the digital printing and packaging technology is more and more by the market recognition, short version printing emerge in endlessly, personality packaging printing has become a brand one of the effective tools of business to attract customers. World famous beverage enterprises coke has put it into practical application, through to different packing bottle printing personalized labels to expand the market share, to improve the enterprise brand, won the high recognition of the market. Need to stress is that Coca-Cola is just a start, now in the market has many brands are beginning to provide consumers with personalized packaging. Such as absolute vodka, wine label chooses 4 million unique personalized design, make its become the love of consumers. Brand suppliers through the Internet and social media in order to improve enterprise's influence, the consumer's understanding of the term private custom more thoroughly than before. Facebook especially popular in the United States, for example, in personal name for the label of heinz ketchup is very popular, the reason is that you can use it as a gift for your friends and loved ones. At the same time, the progress of technology makes more rich creativity, cheaper goods, the rise of personality packaging is well reflects the vitality of packaging industry. 2. Traditional style of the Olympic Games in London in 2012, Britain's prince William and Kate & middot; Her wedding ceremony, the queen's crown ceremony, events like these have made the whole world felt the British people's patriotism and pride. Then, the corresponding changes have taken place in Britain that packaging industry also, commodity on the outer packing design pay more attention to traditional style and nostalgic design concept, because the old brand more can reflect the British sense of mature. Ancient style of commodity packaging not only plays an important role in the trend, and to deliver reliable feeling. Is based on this, many brands and products to are more likely to gain consumer attention, because you know itself can be the public trust, and packaging is the critical information can be passed. 3. Creative packaging for brands, a good packaging ultimate aim is to supermarket shelves in the first time to win the attention of consumers, encouraging them to the end of choose and buy, the so-called love at first sight. In order to achieve this goal, the brand dealers in advertising must convey the product's uniqueness. Budweiser beer on the product packaging to distinguish do very successful, the latest version of beer packaging using tie shape attention getter. France's Thai pavilion launched zhe chateau champagne is packed in bottles of different colors, in the end is very popular in the market. 4. Packaging packaging in order to be able to gain market success, the brand developers need to understand the potential demand of consumers. Convenient, for example, consumers in the packing is suitable for the journey, because they don't have the time to open the packing box of large complex. New convenient packaging, such as software sector packaging jam after extrusion can be among different people, this is very successful. Simple packaging can also be shortlisted for the cute packaging, the key is to open the way is simple. In addition, by commodity packaging can implement to help consumers in the case of don't know how much dosage to identify specific quantitative, these all make commodity packaging looks more lovely. Many brands of products can be different due to transfer ideas of what you see is what you get. Similarly, some liquor brands choose to adopt the old design, reliable signals for consumer loyalty, concise and clean, etc are all brands want to pass to the customer's important information. Consumers are really pay attention to the green environmental protection, so the brand merchants need the wooden wine box carrying goods packaging design of environmental protection. Brown materials, neat packaging, and a simple design style to be able to remind consumers to environmental protection.
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