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The high-end gift box is a portrayal of the face culture of the Chinese people

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
For gifts during the Spring Festival, everyone prefers to buy “decent” gifts in outer boxes; the Spring Festival is just around the corner, and these exquisitely crafted and costly gift boxes have become “chicken ribs” — it’s a pity to throw them away, but it’s useless to store them. Take up space again. This is the situation reported by The Straits Herald.
Those colorful, exquisitely crafted, chic, and glamorous, once occupied an important position in major supermarkets and shops, making people fall in love at first sight. Those high-end gift packaging boxes that allowed the owner to be graceful and glorious to earn enough face, and even accomplish things that the owner could not have done before, once the high-end gift packaging box, which has been infinitely beautiful and omnipotent, once separated from the gift, it will be reduced to a pity. To the point where it is both useless and takes up space! In this case, they are not even qualified to serve as 'chicken ribs'-because 'chicken ribs' are tasteless, and it is a pity to discard them.
Is the experience of the high-end gift box the 'gift box version' of 'the bird will die, the good bow is hidden; the sly rabbit will die, the running dog will cook'? of course not. It's the inevitability of Chinese people who pay attention to face.
Generally, we will hit the board on the merchant. Because it is the merchants who are doing everything possible and racking their brains, they have become more and more exquisite, but they are flashy, but useless after seeing those high-end gift boxes. In this way, there is no superlative, only more advanced packaging. How much is the price of tofu sold at the price of meat, and the ridiculous thing that the maid sells at the price of princess? At the same time, how much flashy social ethos has been promoted, and how much corruption has occurred?
However, it would be too unfair to just hit the board on the head of the merchant. The role that the business plays in it is actually to satisfy and contribute to the flames. If there is no society's concept of loving face, all the efforts of the business will be wasted? There will be supply when there is demand. This is the basic truth.
It's the experience of those extremely exquisite high-end gift packaging boxes. It reminds us that the face of Chinese people is actually that high-end gift packaging box that can't even match the status of 'chicken rib'? Should Chinese people reflect on how to deal with face issues rationally? Because we take care of the face so carefully, it's actually nothing more than that!
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