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'The high-quality goods wooden box' design need to consider what factors?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
Wooden packaging development for so many years, along with the advance of technology also slowly by wooden box into a fine wooden packing box, so in terms of design, is also very seriously, so according to the needs of the development of the modern need to take into account those factors? First of all, fine wooden box design, strengthen personalized visual impact, so that it can be clever use color create visual impact. From psychologists, according to the results of a survey analysis of brand memory, 83% 1% with the help of a visual with the help of a hearing, 3% rely on the sense of touch. Color in wooden packaging design has a special important position. Because different color can cause people to different visual reflection, that cause different psychological activity. Secondly, fine wooden box design also should have environmental protection consciousness. The moment is & other; Green & throughout; Era of environmental protection consciousness for those who have deep heart. Create favorable wooden packing box design, environment protection and human health is a common goal of today's consumers and designers. Later, fine wooden packaging design needs to emphasize market research. Wooden packaging design individuation, first grasp the consumers' psychology, strive for consistent and the personality of consumer psychology, obtains the wooden packing box and the goods on the emotional appeal of coordination, make consumers to some image understanding the characteristics of goods. Hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. , wood packaging designer is according to the design requirements of the high-quality goods wooden packing box and the development of the market to make, many considerations, so very popular. This exquisite wooden box need to processing customized wholesale friends, can contact small make up.
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