02 wooden wine box

The history and principle of wooden tea boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-22
Tea packing box out tea export eve, easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, he thinks southern dynasty poet Xie Ling translating buddhist scriptures in tianzhu area under the west lake is brought from are green tea tree seeds, Ruth predict that the west lake longjing began in northern and southern dynasties, to the eve of the at the moment, about 1500 years old. From the origin of the case and on speculation that the history of longjing tea is also very long. Wan Linian 'qiantang county annals' documentary again: the longjing tea, delicious, make pudding qing gan, with TaShan variations. Paper bag paper bag if Lord made from kraft paper and aluminum foil, kraft paper for lining to see more, its characteristic is flexible, robust and full of elasticity, strong resistance to broken degree and excellent water resistance. Tin can to keep the quality of the tea flavor is extremely good, because the tin has the very strong when all kinds of natural erosion ability, strong ability and protect sipped out. The fame of longjing tea in the qing dynasty, become China's first tea, have the praise highly, scholars have the emperor appreciated. Not beautiful outside much more traditional style such as cubes, cylindrical, not made. Tea packaging design the underlying purpose and thoughts, and eventually reach design underlying purpose: to design a easy moisture, access to the convenience of a concise convenient tea boxes!
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