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The idea of u200bu200bwooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
How advanced is the design idea of u200bu200bwooden box packaging, which makes mass production and transportation of wooden box packaging possible, making

Simple packaging has a more perfect shape, which again reflects the preciousness of design thinking. Used to pack things in the past

The paper is designed as a promotional wrapping paper with graphics and logos that can reflect the overall design of the company, which expands the simple functions of wrapping paper

Yes; when there is a window, consumers can directly see the design of the package contents; when there are also displays, you can put the wooden box packaging diagram

The continuous display of the surface, the serialized display wooden box packaging that promotes the advertising role of the wooden box packaging; and the convenient portable box design

Wait. This is the achievement of the designer (door excellent design concept. The thinking method of packaging design, roughly summarized as follows.

The idea of u200bu200bdesign thinking is from why packaging design, what kind of design to do, and how to complete it.

What mission is to be accomplished, how to do it, how is the best solution, to solve color problems, graphics problems, and cosmic problems.

Construct the image to ask the reason.
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There are many ways to design the wooden box manufacturer. Lenovo's conception is based on the product itself.

Concept, directly express the specific image of blow-dried products on the wooden box packaging. This design is very specific and convincing. It is

Currently, the common method of wooden box packaging design. From the use function of the product or the historical text related to the product brand and place of production

Starting from the tradition of making associations, it is indirectly expressed on the wooden box packaging. The design will give consumers imagination space and have a strong

The brand impact. The analogy way of thinking is not to consider the direct relationship between the product and the packaging, but to look for the packaging and the production

The consistency of temperament and identity, out of the conventional pattern in composition and color. Seek newness. This design method strengthens consumption

A person's understanding of the characteristics of medicines can leave a deep impression of the characteristics of medicines, and has the function of enhancing the grade and identity of medicines. Pump

The idea of u200bu200bthe image is to make full use of the product image, color or brand, and function according to the specific service object of the medicine.

Use abstract graphics and colors to set off medicine to achieve new beauty in form. The comprehensive way of thinking is the big frame of the wooden box packaging design

Frame, in each conception method has a different approach, the designer needs to experience and rationalize in the design. Such as: interesting ideas

Methods, elegant conception methods, etc.

It is difficult to formulate formulas such as specific conception methods and conception procedures in the design of painted wooden boxes.

Behind the design results is a complicated thinking process. The core of the design concept is to consider what and how to express

Perform two problems. To answer these two questions, the following four points must be addressed: performance focus, performance angle, performance method and table

Current form. Poor handling of any one of them will affect the level of design.
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