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The importance of developing green packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The importance of developing green packaging [Beijing packaging box manufacturer]
1. Solving environmental pollution in the production process is the key to the development of green packaging and printing
The life cycle process of packaging and printing includes the selection of printing and printing materials, product production, product use and waste
Recycling, and product production is the most concentrated and serious stage of packaging and printing pollution. To develop green packaging and printing
We must focus on solving the environmental pollution in the production process, including the printing materials, inks, fountain solution,
Film and waste fixing fluid, plastic coating, aggressive glazing material, plastic printing waste, etc. pollution. In solving packaging printing
In the process of production environment pollution, green packaging and printing materials and printing will be promoted vigorously—I: the development of art o
2. Solving the ink pollution during the production process will promote the development of green packaging materials
Ink in the printing production process is an important part of packaging materials. Green packaging material is a kind of energy saving, low consumption, no
Pollution-free packaging materials that are toxic, non-polluting, stale or recyclable, Li organic solvent-based inks are printed on packaging materials
The green part of the material is destroyed. This is because the organic solvent in the ink is burned in the individual production or after the packaging is used.
Volatilized by heating, the exhaust gas, waste liquid, smoke and dust discharged to the environment contain toxic, harmful components and heavy metal particles; such as side loading waste
If the waste is buried in landfill, the small leachate produced will also contain the above-mentioned toxic substances. These toxic and harmful components will benefit the heavy metal particles.
It affects human health through biological contact and the food chain, so it must be governed. b In the EU '94/62/Ec' directive, the ink
The toxic, harmful ingredients and heavy metal residues in
stipulate strict limits. The development of water-based ink is to solve the pollution of ink printing
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3. Solving environmental pollution in the production process will promote enterprises to establish a comprehensive environmental management system
Environmental pollution in the packaging and printing production process, involving the entire production process of pre-press, printing and post-press, ascertaining ink and developing
Pollution sources such as liquid, cleaning liquid, noise, etc., and formulate plans and take measures to control pollution sources and reduce energy consumption. Will definitely promote the environment
The establishment of the management system in the enterprise, and a powerful pool to promote the enterprise to pass the 15014Ml certification, and obtain the international k-pair enterprise and product
’s recognition, since W is not only conducive to protecting the environment, but also enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises and products, bringing direct economic
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15014000, as a series of environmental management standards, provides factory standards for packaging and printing companies to carry out environmental improvements in a step-by-step manner.
As a complete structured management system, it is composed of seven main parts (ie, subsystems); environmental management system
(EMs), Environmental Audit (EA), Environmental Label (cL), Environmental Behavior Evaluation (LPE), Life Cycle Assessment
(Comparative A), Terms and Definitions (Tu0026D), Household: Environmental Guidelines in Product Standards (EAP5). The standard number is Is014001 one
Gift 014100 c
[5014001 Environmental Management System Standard, as the core of the Is01 series of standards, is the establishment of an environmental management system by enterprises
The fundamental criteria of Beijing Nuclear Certification. 014M emphasizes pollution prevention and continuous improvement. Ding Zuo’s principle is four cA (regulation
Standard implementation, inspection and improvement). Iso[4 Coffee is not to never allow printing companies to have a little pollution, but to require printing companies
Find the source of pollution, plan to control pollution, take measures to deal with pollution, and reduce the harm of pollution. Therefore, research,
Control the environmental pollution of the packaging and printing production process and the implementation of the company to delete 014, and establish the company's environmental management system
They complement each other and promote each other. The former promotes the latter. The latter is to manage the former and make environmental protection improvements
The fundamental guarantee.
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