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the importance of reception area, the link between you and your customer

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-05
The company should never forget the importance of the reception area and the receptionist.
These are the first things people see when they arrive at the company, and they are fundamental to making a deep first impression on customers.
Like a face representing a person, the reception area represents an office or business.
Just as we form a point of view by observing this person (
Usually face)
Most tourists also form a view of business and business progress by looking at the reception area.
Perhaps the most important thing in the reception area is the reception.
But there are many kinds of tables.
For example, the desk at the reception desk usually has wood, glass and even steel.
They also have many shapes, such as rectangles, squares, and even halfcircle.
So if you have an office to decorate, what you need is a smart and stylish reception desk.
But the importance of the reception is not just to beautify the area.
These desks must also have utilities as this is where the front desk of the enterprise is located.
Many important tasks have been carried out from this area, such as sending and receiving letters, answering phone calls and, of course, receiving visitors.
So the design of the front desk is very important.
It needs to be ensured that it is designed to facilitate the execution of multiple tasks, as the front desk staff usually need to switch from one task to another.
Desks should help them do this and design should never get in the way of smooth operation.
The reception should also be equipped with places to store important documents so that people can store important documents safely.
It should also be designed to hold wires for phones, fax machines, and other devices, and they will not be exposed to visitors.
Most businessmen know the value of making a good first impression in the workplace: dress conservatively during job interviews, don\'t say anything negative to past employers, and prove a cover letter with a resume and typos.
\"You will-never-get-a-second-chance-to-make-a-first-
The architect said that the \"impression\" rule should apply when designing or decorating the workspace.
The reception area or lobby is critical.
In a way, your lobby is like your business card.
Visitors should be able to walk in, look around and get to know what the company is doing right away.
The reception area needs to be welcomed but also interesting and surprising ideas.
For example, cool blue and mint hanging on the wall
The curved green countertop inside welcomes tourists.
Many designers believe that the company\'s reception area or waiting room should be separated from the rest of the work area.
Visitors who walk in should be able to get a glimpse of the rest of the office and what\'s going on with the company, but they shouldn\'t be pushed into the workspace immediately.
If a company really wants to communicate \"cutting edge\" with its reception area, it should be ready to replace it frequently.
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