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The importance of the theory of wood packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-04
Packaging for products like clothes in people, the so-called & other; The tailor makes the man horse depends on saddle throughout &; It is for this reason. 85% of consumer information acquired from vision, a product's sales success often depends on the transmission of image design can be accepted by the public to identify with, and left a deep impression to the public. Tea or series of liquor packaging design style, not only can be a very good identification of goods, at the same time show the image of brand and can be a very good cause visual impact in the terminal. If well designed, can let the enterprise owns a perfect visual language, in helping the product sales and improve enterprise brand image of get twice the result with half the effort effect. Many famous wine packaging, for example, in the alert to conform to the own culture color or pattern, a little more consumers from packaging can know to isn't oneself to choose the brand. This is why a lot of big shop sign also tend to have custom-made. This year to tea, wine, such as consumer gradually tend to be more rational consumption, health, green, simple and practical idea become the era theme; In such an environment, a lot of young people to join this kind of consumption, and coincides with the Mid-Autumn festival, 10 first festival, now this kind of gift box products demand will increase. Filial piety their elders, people tend to buy good products, to choose their preferences of tie-in gift box packaging, affordable and tasteful already so, can say a good packaging, can be had 20 yuan goods worth up to $100. How to increase the added value of products need managers pay more attention, not only luxury high-end gift box packaging can improve the grade of the product, the environmental protection low carbon consumption concept is popular today, need to use more contracted and not simple, full of unique packaging to impress the consumer shopping experience, to promote the enterprise image.   Qualified gift box packaging is not beauty, but in creativity, lies in the connotation of internal and external and repairing to whole. Many bosses are in the product quality fluctuation kongfu, don't know how to design packaging can match on their own products. As a result, the industrial and commercial box of custom factory arises at the historic moment. When our packing design not too pursuit and luxuriant, the price is very beautiful, can according to customer requirements custom-made for a manifest the value of commodity packaging. We only do the most professional design, best customization, and let us walk in the forefront of the industry, packaging industry for domestic consumers widely recognized, and obtain the best design award in the domestic many grand prix, the best creative award, etc. The Chinese have the habit of tea drinking since ancient times, moreover, it is undeniable that the Chinese good face! Neri well is important, first to see it must be pleasant, beautiful. Ancient have & other; Choose the wrong thing & throughout; Story that illustrates a wrapper for consumers have how old influence.
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