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The importance of wooden gift box for gift

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-18
Gift is one of the important means of interpersonal communication, the main index in the quality of packaging design is a gift. So more exquisite wooden gift box poured into the market, also enlarge the using range of the wooden gift box, visit friends and relatives will be used in the festival, hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. , has many years of production experience in gift packaging design, and readers have a good talk about the gift today wooden packing box of tricks now. Material selection is wooden gift box the grade of the product of one of the important elements. The gift of wooden packaging material is commonly used in our life are low-quality wood packing box, wooden box, wooden box, wood cortex plastic wood and metal wooden box packing box, they are suitable for business gifts wooden packing box and personal gifts the use of wooden packing box. Which choice is more paper wooden packing box, wooden wooden boxes, wooden boxes cortex. Dongguan city stand out mainly talk about paper gift box packaging. If want to reflect the high-end gift and precious, had better choose thick material and high strength of paper gift wooden packing box. Material generally there are two broad categories: corrugated cardboard and compression. Gift packaging due to the printing of some, it is recommended that the use of ultra-thin corrugated cardboard packaging, E corrugated above control the thickness of 1 mm 2 mm, carton box is made of folded forming the opposite sex, E corrugated paper strength are good rigidity, and is suitable for fine printing. In addition to FGH such as micro corrugated board. Paper presents common embossed craft wooden box production, using the modern sculpture technology make up and down with the female die and male die, stamping box of the concave and convex process at one time, the rise of embossed technology reduced because of the process are not allowed to produce non-conforming. Wooden gift box cold printing technology capital is low, can save a lot of energy, and high produce efficiency, don't need to be heated before printing, is a new kind of very promising new technology. ', 'recommended reading: wooden gift box hangzhou heng tai packaging production process, with many years specializing in the production of paper wooden boxes, wooden gift boxes, tea boxes, wooden box, food packing box, and health products wooden packing box, etc. Various kinds of paper products packaging.
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