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The influence of packing box for wine sales

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-10
With the rapid development of Chinese economy and the increasing of people's living standard, China has become the world wine consumption growth fast. Red wine has gradually into our life, not only became the people to enjoy a symbol of consumption, more important is the red wine has anti-aging, prevention of cerebrovascular disease, raise colour beauty health care function. Thus became a people the choice of holiday gifts. Always as people demand of market development and changes of flow into the market of wine on the number of species, brand is not very few, and most consumers just needs to find, but don't know about wine, then judge is the appearance of the red wine box, most would choose red wine box, wine box, wine box, liquor packing become the primary factors of consumers understand wine, because of good packaging can impact consumers' desire to buy, what wine box for wine sales have value, influence on red wine sales how? The following gift box manufacturers detailed analysis for all of us! 1. Red wine packaging - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Red wine face although we often say don't look at appearance of the item, but the outer packing is direct impact factors of consumers to buy the first. Novel and beautiful packaging to attract consumers of eyeball, can let the consumer has the opportunity to further ask price and buy. 2. Good packaging can improve the level of wine according to different consumer groups, the out of the red wine, different class and proper packaging, not the same as the sales concept of demand for wine packaging is different also. For example: if the red wine sales object is directly by the customer to drink, so I choose wine packing box can be simple, easy, cheap, and the price is relatively affordable. For such people to take gift products don't need to meet with others. And just enjoy the taste of the wine itself, so I recommend this wine carton or wooden wine boxes ( Pine color wine box, paulownia primary wine box) Wooden box by box affordable yet beautiful, simple yet generous with the natural breath. Application in terms of gifts, gift is often a feeling with a light. So it's to improve the grade of the wine box is relatively, more requirements and easy! And I recommend more suitable products are painted red wine box, imitation mahogany double wine box only. These leather box in the wine packaging factory have spot, fewer dozens of also convenient take delivery. Big winery to make their packaging. Factory customized general number to 500, Chinese people usually pay attention to good in pairs, so double red paint box and double wine only leather box only to be popular in the market! 3. Wine box collection value beautiful delicate wine box finished even red wine to drink, but some consumers are not willing to throw away, because good packing box itself is a work of art, consumers will store it as receive a case or other purposes, wine box above usually have the company or the name of the wine, also can do it for the company and winery a long-term advertising! Red wine belongs to traditional packaging cartons, according to a top position in the paper packaging, out of line is sold in food packaging revealed performance especially. Coming over the past few years, some heels strengthy businesses launched so chic chic red wine gift box, make its range of application in food has become increasingly popular. At the moment, the function of the paper have changed, it has high strength and good moisture resistance, printing. Plus, cartons are easy to take to receive and regeneration of samsara, water-based packaging has become a boom. In short, if you want to achieve packaging in the promotion of the teaser, increase the charm of it, should be constantly innovation in the packing decoration design, constantly inject new cultural connotation, constantly enrich the new members of the family of packaging, new tricks, red wine gift box to improve the charm of this product in the consumers' mind, appeal, and then achieve the purpose of promotional products. From what has been discussed above. Red wine box is important for the influence of wine sales, businesses need to red wine, and customers to tailored box. Novel and beautiful packaging will surely give you a helping hand in the red wine sales, let you be in the increasingly fierce competition in the red wine in an impregnable position in the market! Red wine box, SQS
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