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The influencing factors of packaging printing

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
In the printing industry, many enterprises in the printing process, there is always the quality problem of the different products of printing quality. So what are the factors affect the packaging printing? Below small make up to introduce. 1, the design color is not consistent layout of horizontal arrangement of multiple patterns at the same time, can happen on both ends of the plate around design color is not consistent. In the process of plate making, especially the full version of the field, the electric carving prone to dot size changes from left to right, therefore, should pay attention to check at the ends of the plate cylinder around the printing effect. 2, printing printing workshop environment factors significantly changes in room temperature, the flow of the ink will change. General production workshop of temperature, the temperature control in temperature ( 23±5) C, humidity sixty percent plus or minus five percent. In the winter when using ink, to preheat ahead of time, to increase the mobility of ink. 3, blocking version of the network congestion can cause ink transfer, print color will change. Blocked version, want to wash plate with solvents or special cleaning agent, at the same time for the causes of plugging version to take corresponding measures. 4, the printing conditions when there is no rule of the layout of the wind, the printing speed and drying speed change, will lead to changes in the color of the print. The above factors should be considered in the printing process. 5, plate wear plate wear can make the network become smaller, lighter, which affect the ink load of the network. Plate wear is the result of the overall color. Sometimes wear white on white ink enough ink, covering power of base material color is insufficient, should stop at this time in production, the old plating back again. If the plate cylinder using transition wall collapse cause can't retreat plating, should be to plate making. 6, the rationality of the design of plate on the plate design should fully consider the plate when the influence of the design process of printing and postpress. Such as eighty percent and about five percent of the node hierarchy and level, jumping the colour easily happened should adopt measures to change ahead of time. That is about the factors influencing the packaging printing, hope you can help to you. You if I have any other questions are welcome to inquire! Small make up: ZRM changed in 2019. 4. 23
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