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The main cause of wooden gift box edge degumming foaming

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
Common wooden gift box edge degumming of the main causes of blister are the following:, excluding production problem of human, and then watered too much glue, concentration is not enough, cause adhesion is not strong enough. Glue, if no problem, then wooden gift boxes production process, glue daub uneven or drying time is too long. Third, daub glue not smooth, cause there is no close bond between the cardboard. Solution: 1. Wooden gift boxes production before testing glue, thumb and forefinger hold a viscous state for good ( Gift box material is different, of course, the glue are not the same as) 。 2. Gift box production process, pay attention to the glue, the semi-automatic pressure blow bubble machine or threatening the box surface of carpet processing, to ensure that the glue to the surface of paper. 3. Reasonable grasp the air buy time. Air buy after edge tear with external force will face paper to see if a destructive, so the glue for fully qualified products won't come unglued in the future, not for pseudo glue, glue or practice should be adjusted. Keywords: wooden gift box
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