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The main problems and manifestations of excessive packaging of commodities in our country

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
First, the production cost of commodity packaging boxes is too high. The production cost of packaging boxes for products produced in my country, especially food and cosmetics, generally reaches more than 30% of the product price (20% for the national standard). What's more, in order to increase the overall price of the product, a gift that is several times or even more than ten times the value of the product is added to the box. For example, the high-priced wine, Panama Gold Medal Wuliangye, currently sells for about 300,000 yuan a bottle, which is nearly three times higher than that of seven or eight years ago. This Wuliangye bottle is shaped like a classic wine jar, with a lotus throne inlaid at the bottom, and the base and cap are made of 180g pure gold.
   The second is the large void ratio of commodity wooden box packaging. Such as moon cakes, tea, wine, health food, etc., the void ratio of commodity wooden box packaging is generally as high as 80% or more (the national standard is 60%). The wooden boxes sold in some stores are very large, with three layers inside and three layers outside, plus the thick cushioning material, which seems to be very stylish. In the end, there are very few tea leaves inside, which is likely to be overwhelming. .
   Third, the wooden box is too heavy. The wooden packaging of some commodities is two or three times the weight of the commodity. For example, 750 ml of red wine is packed in a 1.5 kg wooden box.
  Fourth is the complex composition of the materials used in the production of commodity packaging. For example, some food packaging brings together seven or eight materials such as metal, wood, glass, crystal, etc., which can be described as extremely luxurious. For example, tea leaves that could be packaged in kraft paper or paper tea canisters are packaged in plexiglass bottles.
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