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The making process of the wooden gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-19
Today's market, wooden packing box style variety, for these wooden packaging material is what? Because ordinary packaging material and structure is relatively simple, the structure is simple, the packaging materials are common packaging material in our daily life. The stand or fall of packaging is also related to the stand or fall of material, different material to produce the same packaging the effect that gives a person is not the same. Then present the making process of the wooden box? Wooden gift boxes production process, book type wooden gift boxes ( Package type wooden gift box) Process: 1, 2, determine the design draft, confirm sample, order 3, scheduling production materials ( Glossy paper, xujiaweizi, stick, bottom paper, cardboard, or within the density board, the material, etc. ) 4, printing paper bag and stickers ( Supporting the needs of the printing bag) 5, HouGong craft ( Coated, embossing, UV, bronzing, pressure convex concave, die cutting process according to the need to select a part of) 6, open box: a, paper, surface after printing paper, stickers, gray paper materials within the panel, circuit board, established by cutting to size ( Density board need to use professional large sawing material) B, the panel processing: V groove open V groove machine, glue plate c, coaming processing: magnet holes d, in processing: for grey board need to die cutting grey board inside and then stick on the cutting good silk, inside of a bubble need to cut a good silk on 7, the molding foam cover paper ( Is the panel package paper note surface leveling, edge to snug) , stickers, framed xujiaweizi ( At the same time need to put the magnet) 。 8, box assembly ( Can choose according to the material need glue way: castles on the brush collagen and glue guns on glue for assembly. Keep the box clean when assembly, avoid leak adhesive affect the appearance. ) 9, according to the need to stick the bottom paper. ( Keep the box clean) 10, put inside ( From top to bottom in Joe put to distinguish between asymmetric direction) 11, brush box, packing, Box production process over a period of time, will inevitably have aggradation and stains, and we need to rub the box closing) Second, the heavens and the earth cover box ( Top and bottom cover box) Production process: heaven and earth cover box and what is the difference between the book box production: the panel was V groove package type box are divided into box under the face, before, after, above of bottom, panel wrapped xujiaweizi molding box, so the name box package type. And the heavens and the earth cover box, upper cover and the bottom are separate, Except conjoined cover up and down) Method, making some differences: 1, density board materials cover box cover and the lower end need to up and down, respectively put open good sheet with white latex, dry. ( Gray paper material of top and bottom cover box can open & other; Well & throughout; After word V groove, remove the four corners fixed directly with tape) 2, mounted the surface after processing technique of paper under the upper cover and bottom. 3, the upper cover and the bottom button will be finished assembly ( Conjoined cover box need to up and down the cover up and down with connecting plate connection after molding) 。 4, put in, brush box, packing. Three, alien box production process: alien box according to concrete box, alien box is mostly an extension of the heaven and earth cover box and bag type box, the same production process. ( How much Angle box, heart-shaped boxes, circular box, conical box, drawer box, multi-layer boxes, etc. ) That is what is the manufacture process of wooden gift box was introduced in detail, the wooden packing box production process is relatively complicated, hope that the introduction of small make up are helpful to you.
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