02 wooden wine box

The material of wooden packaging printing production

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
Wooden packaging printing making use of a material is divided into two categories: tissue including ash copper, cupronickel, single copper, luxuriant card, golden card, platinum card, the silver card, laser card, etc. Among them & other; White white & throughout; Refers to white brass and copper, cupronickel and monocular both paper on both sides of the common feature is all white. Cupronickel and double copper difference is both & other; White brass & throughout; A smooth side is not smooth. That is to say, side can be printed, the other is not able to print. Which & other; Monocular & throughout; ? “ Monocular & throughout; Both sides have coated surface, both sides can be printed. 2: grey, grey board have these two kinds of paper, but not in wooden packing box printing maker, grey, white board, it is the so-called & other; Ash copper paper & throughout; Positive is white, can be printed, can't reverse side for the grey printing, white card is also commonly & other; White white & throughout; Short for paper, only general offer ( In addition to the special white card, for example: the platinum card, white silver card) And so on. White cardboard is good, price is a bit expensive, but with enough hardness, texture point is grey white again 'white paper'. The white card, whiteboard, pickup, (1) powder plate paper, one side white, side is gray, the price is low, the double sides are white powder paper, price is on the high side key words: wooden box
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