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The method of making the wooden gift box? How gift box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-28
Holiday gifts, the emergence and development is in a certain activity, at the time of gifts, the appearance of the packaging is very important, can affect our first impression of the gift, high-grade gift boxes, accepting the gift soon accept your mind. In the modern society, China is a formal state, gifts has become an art form, DIY gift box packaging, more we of gifts, as well as respect for the gift recipient, so the production of gift box is a work can not be ignored. So what is the method of making the gift? DIY gift box packaging? No matter what types of gifts, according to the different gifts come to know the process flow of high-end gift box production. A, plate-making and choose paper, people pursue beauty, now people see the beautiful things will involuntarily drawn in the past, so the high-end gift box looks very delicate and beautiful, the appearance of the collocation of color is rich and colorful, some still very fashionable, TongZha high-end gift box, there are four basic color still has a lot of gift box by using gold or silver, looks more noble atmosphere. General gift box package of paper coated paper is used to do, this gift box will show the feeling of massiness, gift was characteristic is to give a person a kind of sedate feeling, so although the gift is light in weight, but in the gift box can show a very heavy feeling, present the recipient will think you care about, gift box mounted above the paper USES the gray paperboard, such production of gift packaging won't look very stiff stiff. Second, the surface processing and printing, high-end gift box packaging must do surface treatment, use glue or oil, can increase the surface of the beautiful, gift boxes only printing to packaging, but pasting, do proper dyeing, don't do too much printing, because the gift box packaging on the outside of the box, so the printing is very strict, a little bit of color is different and flaws can't some of the details will affect the packing is beautiful. Third, in the gift box of the printing process, the remaining three parts are also important, is bei and framed and punching, each step be short of one cannot, if one of the links are out of the question, that will affect the next process is smooth, framed gift boxes, don't pay attention to the package paper flowers, gift box pasting are made manually, the punching finished production. Saw the above gifts production method, for the method of making the high-end gift box you already have some understanding, in fact, gift packaging is not a complicated process, only that there is a packaging of degree attentively, represents the heart of the giver and the importance of gifts, so we want to present a good packing, just think about how to DIY attentively packing out the most satisfactory yourself.
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